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R&L Associates Ltd Places Jose Martinez as Partner with Calibre One

Rochelle Schumer, Co-Founder and President of R&L Associates, Ltd. is delighted to announce the placement of Jose Martinez as partner at Calibre One. Based in Chicago, Jose will combine his knowledge of manufacturing and advanced technology to assist companies that are embracing the fourth industrial revolution and building high performing digital teams.

"We welcome Jose and his forward-thinking expertise to our client” said Rochelle Schumer, who conducted the search. “Jose understands exactly what skills are needed at all levels of industrial manufacturing to launch new business models for enterprise while embracing innovation and digital transformation. We are excited to be part of expanding the Partner practice at Calibre One throughout the US.” Jose has excelled as a dynamic and results driven executive for over 20 years. He has a keen ability to pioneer and implement cutting-edge business solutions.

About R&L Associates, Ltd.

R&L Associates, Ltd. founded in 1994 by Rochelle Schumer and Leonard Rehner is a retained search firm focused in placing search professional in the Search Industry, globally. We love helping our clients grow!

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