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Our Team

Rochelle Schumer - Co-Founder/President/CEO  Mobile: 646-220-9063

Rochelle Schumer and Leonard Rehner founded R&L Associates, Ltd. in 1994. The Headhunter’s Headhunter,  our firm specializes in placing Search Professionals within the Search Industry and Corporate Talent Acquisitions. We partner with Fortune 500 companies, privately held entities and executive search firms in their quest for the best search talent. We are about relationships and take people’s careers very seriously.

Rochelle Schumer is a prominent and seasoned Search Consultant with over 25 years of extensive experience in the business arena. She has conducted a vast number of executive search assignments across multiple industries throughout the U.S., Asia and Europe. Her profound knowledge and long-term experience translate into an executive of breadth and quality. A brand in its own right.

Ms. Schumer's experience, tenacity, skill and work ethic enable her to gain access and dialogue with the most qualified executives in the search industry.

She has that rare innate ability to qualify the potential of executive candidates and her perseverance and devotion has enabled her to develop long-term relationships with clients served by R&L Associates. Her clients have always benefited from her access to high-level contacts and her comprehensive knowledge of the marketplace.


When circumstances mandate, Ms. Schumer is known for the originality of thought and new paradigms she can quickly put in place to make the search work. Assimilating her clients' needs is a by-word of her reputation. Above all her complete commitment to her clients has proven the validity of her outstanding reputation and position in the Executive Search world.

The focus of Ms. Schumer's vast catalogue of successful searches is assignments for executive search firms and corporate Talent Acquisitions. She started her search career in 1986 and  CO-Founded R&L Associates in 1994. The “go-getters of executive search”, we go that extra mile.

Every placement we make is as exciting as the first!


Ms. Schumer started her business career in Account Services with two prominent advertising agencies before running the U.S. distributorship for two UK based firms, Mary Quant and BIBA Cosmetics. 

Lenny Rehner - Co-Founder of R&L Associates, Ltd.

(Rochelle and Lenny (R&L) founded R&L Associates, Ltd. together in 1994. )

Lenny Rehner of New York City, scholar of history, political science,  the arts and music;  teacher; impresario;  athlete;  humanitarian;  and sports car aficionado died on December 1, 2010.  He is survived by his fiancee and the love of his life, Rochelle; their beautiful Lucy; his beloved nephews David and Jonathan;  his niece Elizabeth; and many wonderful friends and family.  


He is fondly remembered as a past president of the Civil War Round Table of New York;  Chairman of the Lincoln/Barondess Committee, Teacher of Jewish History for The National Jewish Outreach Program, a student at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York and a graduate of Queens College .  A man of books, ideas, humor, friendship and honor, he was loved by all.

Marvin Schumer - Partner/Managing Director, Global Head of Knowledge Management at R&L Associates, Ltd.

Marvin joined the firm in 1996. Over the past 26 years Marvin has been instrumental in managing and developing R&L’s Research, and Knowledge Management systems.

Wearing multiple hats, Marvin brings his technical ability as well as his research and management skills to R&L. Marvin maintains access to the right tools, subscriptions and databases to empower research execution and candidate development. Marvin has that intuitive ability to develop the right target lists for each search and ensures and oversees all research and candidate development. He manages full life cycle recruiting in all industries within executive search and corporate industries


Marvin started his career in Technology as an Information Technology Manager with two British based Cosmetic companies. He was responsible for building each company’s database and systems.

Jonathan Schumer - VP/Digital Media Project Director

Having joined R&L Associates, Ltd. in 2015.  Jonathan’s knowledge of technology and his writing and organization skills play a major role in the success of each search. He brings a fresh perspective and knowledge of technology, internet and digital/ social media plus strong analytical and organization skills. 


Jonathan is proficient in a variety of search engines and provides intelligence for new business pitches and identifying potential clients.


As Project Director Jonathan supports the President/CEO in setting up client and candidate meetings and preparing candidate assessments and evaluations. He prepares new business and marketing presentations, and schedules interviews and events.

Elizabeth Schumer: She/Her - VP/Senior Associate/Social Media Manager

Working with the Global Head of Knowledge Management, Elizabeth manages the research efforts and candidate development for R&L Associates, Ltd. She provides internet research in a variety of industries including Technology, Digital Media, Financial Services, Consumer, Retail, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical and Legal.


She prepares name generation/candidate identification and organizational mapping at all levels including Partners/Managing Directors, Associates and Researchers.

Hannah Sue Riley: Our New Research Analyst

Joined  R&L Associates, Ltd. in 2022 with 6 years experience in Sales and Hospitality. She brings her vitality and computer skills along with her analytical ability to identify candidates and prepare status reports.


Lucy, Always in the Lead 

My Very Special Lucy 
11/30/07 - 3/01/23
“It can take days, weeks, even years to decide you love someone… But it takes two minutes to decide you love a dog!“

To my angel girl, my car companion, travel buddy, and incredible friend, all I can say is thank you. Thank you for 13 years of loving us, playing with us, and being a part of our family. I've had you in my heart since I was 13, and I promise I will never let you go. Thank you for over a decade of memories to be cherished for years to come. Rest In Peace Lucy. I love you more than you could ever know.





Lucy came from Armonk New York 

December 10, 2009 

The second they brought her out to me.

 I knew she would always be mine. 


She fit right into our family. 

And found her place in my heart

I will never let her go from within me

Because we can never part.


My sweet baby was full of life

We were together since she was two

She loved her car rides and being with me

I can’t imagine my life without you.


My Lucy and I went everywhere together

She never left my side

She was my sidekick, my soulmate

My love, my deepest pride


Lucy, my life, my love, my friend 

You rescued me so long ago

We had so many wonderful times together 

I wish we had more to go.


We were so in sync my Lucy

You always made me smile 

I wish I could be with you again

Even for a little while 


I will never love anyone

Like I love my sweet Lucy

No matter where you are my love

You will always be with me


You left a lot of broken hearts

For those that loved you so

We will miss you my sweet puppy

And wish you didn’t go.


Always in my thoughts 

Always on my mind

There is no greater love than yours

So pure and so very kind


Someone wrote a song:

“I love Lucy and she loves me 

We’re as happy as we can be.”

Cause I love Lucy, yes I love Lucy, 

And Lucy loves me!"

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